Our Story

Here’s the situation, you’re on your way to your destination when you see a sign pointing to the beach. You can’t follow every turn off or you’d never get where you’re going, but it’s a lovely warm day and sometimes its good to be impulsive. This happened to us - we were driving between Hurunui Mouth and Gore Bay when we saw a sign pointing to Manuka Bay. It was only a few kilometres and we weren’t in a hurry - and now after our first Manuka Bay visit all those years ago, our place is starting to really pay off.

Access to Manuka Bay is off the beaten track and via a twisty & steep gravel road. Following the track down from the main road your first glimpse of the bay will stop you in your tracks. Manuka Bay is just so beautiful from above, the calm blue water and black sand combine to make a pretty awesome viewpoint which we think is the best in North Canterbury. As well as the great view there is a strong sense of well being as you listen to the mighty waves crash down on a deserted beach.

Manuka Bay is a true hidden gem, it's just sand, sea, sky and lots of contemplation, the perfect place for bees to flourish and make the best Mānuka, just as nature intended.

Manuka Bay Honey Co's Mānuka Honey gives you the assurance you have purchased a genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey direct from the Bee keeper. Our high-quality product has come from the pollution free New Zealand environment ensuring that every jar is true to label and is honey as nature intended.

Manuka Bay Honey Co is proud to be a New Zealand company whose hives and packing facility are in New Zealand and only sells 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey, look for the ‘New Zealand Made’ logo on side of every Manuka Bay Honey Co pot.

Our aim is to collect high quality Mānuka Honey just as nature intended. We harvest our honey by hand, bringing the raw comb into our own factory to fill the consumer ready pots which means we can trace honey from Hive to Home.